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How to Get Your Business off the Ground for Pennies

You don’t need to have millions or even thousands of dollars at your disposal to get a small business up and running. While we’ll admit that it would be tough to literally start a business with only pennies, many entrepreneurs have started successful businesses with a shoestring budget of less than $50. Here are some tips for how you too can get your business of the ground when money’s tight.

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5 Things NOT to do With Your E-Commerce Site

It’s no secret that e-commerce websites have been changing the way business is conducted. Nowadays, plenty of people actually prefer to do their shopping and other business dealings online instead of in person.

But e-commerce sites are doing more than changing the way we shop—they’re also changing the way entrepreneurs think, with more and more businessmen and women starting new e-commerce sites.

If a start-up e-commerce website might be in your future, there are a few important tips you should keep in mind. Here’s what NOT to do with your e-commerce site:

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The Best Methods to Get Seen on the Facebook News Feed

In December 2013, Facebook changed their news feed algorithm, and many businesses have seen their Fan Page take a hit as a result. The social media marketing company Ignite analyzed the change and found that on average, brand pages suffered a 44% decline in news feed views as a result.

While this certainly isn’t good news for businesses, the news feed change may not be the social media apocalypse that it’s been made out as. Internet marketing is constantly evolving, and businesses need to learn how to make new changes work in their favor. Here are just a few things you should keep in mind if you want as many qualified leads as possible to see your brand page on Facebook.

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How Younger Bosses Can Effectively Lead Older Employees

Baby Boomers are delaying retirement, and younger employees are rising through the ranks, especially in the tech sector. As a result, it’s not unusual to see workplaces where younger bosses manage older employees. If you’re one of these younger bosses, you’ve probably already discovered some of the challenges of this position. It can be hard for older employees to accept that their supervisor is younger than them, or that the workplace traditions they’re used to are changing. Older employees may believe that their seniority means their word carries more weight than yours, and their egos may be bruised if you pull rank.

As a younger boss, it’s part of your job to facilitate good working relationships and a positive company culture for everyone, regardless of their age or seniority with the company. Here are a few things you can do to create a great work environment for older employees.

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Promo Gifts Donates Pencils to Watoto Mission

the-watoto-missionWe are a group of young adults from the North East who want to offer our skills and experience to the Watoto Children’s Village organisation in Uganda. We were first inspired by the work of Watoto when we attended a concert by their travelling children’s choir in 2012.

We heard stories from the children about how Watoto has supported them to rebuild their lives. After shedding some tears listening to the heart-warming stories, the initial idea of visiting Watoto in Uganda came about and subsequently The Watoto Mission was formed.

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Marketing to People through Their Mobile Devices

1.4 billion. With a “B.” That’s the number of smartphones in use around the world as of 2013. With smartphones and data plans becoming more readily available and affordable, mobile devices are poised to overtake desktop platforms as the most popular way to access the Internet. This has a lot of implications for business owners, but one of the biggest is that those companies that haven’t optimized their marketing for mobile are taking a huge hit.

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7 Ways to Use Facebook Profile Pictures for Branding

When you create a Business page on Facebook, you’re able to create both a profile picture and a cover photo. A lot of businesses get hung up on the cover photo, since this is the larger image that will appear on the company’s timeline. While it’s definitely worth putting in the time to choose a good cover photo, the profile picture is arguably more important—it’s a smaller image, but it will appear on your timeline, in the newsfeeds of your followers, and in the comments and posts you leave on other pages.

Think of your Facebook profile picture as a visual brand ambassador. When your current followers see the image in their news feed, they should be able to easily recognize your brand, and when people who are not yet following you see it, they should want to click through to your timeline to learn more. Interested in what you can do to make that happen? Read on.

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Successfully Using Podcasting for Your Business

When most businesspeople hear the phrase ‘content marketing,’ they think of things like blogging, producing a white paper, or maybe even making a video series. All too often, we overlook another viable and inexpensive medium: the podcast.

You’ve probably listened to at least one podcast before (for many people, they’re a daily companion while in the car or working out). These audio recordings tend to be short and, much like blogs, aim to inform or entertain rather than just advertise. Unlike traditional radio programs, podcasts can be downloaded from the internet and played on a mobile device whenever the listener wants to hear them. A successful podcast can attract legions of fans who tune in for each new episode, making podcasting a great tool for businesses to build brand loyalty.

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Social Selling: What It Is and How to Use It

Before the advent of the Internet, consumers largely relied on print and TV ads or conversations with salespeople when making a purchasing decision. Now, however, people can spend plenty of time researching and reading up on various brands before they commit to buying. In fact, according to Media Bistro, consumers use search engines 62% of the time to research products before purchasing them, and 92% of consumers have more confidence in information gleaned online than information provided by a salesperson or other source.

What does this mean for businesses? Essentially, you not only need to be online, you need to be using the Internet to build a brand reputation that people trust. That’s what social selling is all about.

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