Say Thank-You by Sending Something Sweet

I’m a bit of an old hard house fan and I follow the Tidy Boys on facebook still. Although getting a bit old for going clubbing now I get a bit nostalgic every now and then.

I was driving home from London to Kent this evening listening to the Tidy Boys Weekender 2 CD in my car tonight bouncing away!  Anyway reminiscing on this post was not my plan.

Angie Mozart, one of the Tidy Boys better halves has a business that I would like to tell you about. When you really want to say thank-you to a supplier or a client why not send something sweet?


send-corporate-sweetsTheir website contains tons of fantastic sweet and chocolate gifts that can be sent individually or to multiple locations.

You can even send a teddy for that extra special thank-you.

My wifes personal favourites are the Jelly Belly, Jelly beans.  Send something sweet do some of the HUGE gourmet jelly bean gifts.

I was quite surprised to see how low they were in cost.  I thought those big tubs were £40+!

Amadeus (is that his real name?) recently posted this image (left) of some corporate sweets they were doing for BMW and MINI.

Which prompted me to ask if we could feature their products on our website.

As you can see amo has become instagram addicted, like the rest of us, 1980’s faded polaroids ho 😉

So hopefully we will have some of thier smaller packets of sweets in our sweets category sometime in the not to distant future.

In the mean time why not get over to their website and take a peek whats on offer.


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