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Tube Squeezer

100 Units start from £90.00

Credit Card Hand Sanitiser

250 Units start from £207.50

Dental Floss and Mirror

100 Units start from £153.00

Dental Floss Keyring

100 Units start from £135.00

Hand Sanitiser

250 Units start from £242.50

Hand sanitizer gel

500 Units start from £265.00

Jumbo Paper Clip

250 Units start from £67.50

Mini Hand Sanitizer

25 Units start from £65.00

Mirror Round Compact Mirror

100 Units start from £95.00

Plastic single mirror

500 Units start from £170.00

Plastic travel tooth brush

500 Units start from £215.00

Toothbrush Travel Set

100 Units start from £152.00

Toothbrush Travel Toothbrush

100 Units start from £115.00

Tube mint holder

250 Units start from £150.00

Printed Products for the Dental Industry

For any promotional merchandise products related to the dental industry, have a look at our specific industry section aimed at assisting you in finding the best gifts for your business. Finding the right branded gift that applies to your industry can be difficult especially in a more niche industry where self promotion can be more challenging. You need not worry when arriving in Merchandise Ltd’s Dental section! A great selection of gifts that are brilliant for the NHS, Dental Practices and healthcare positions amongst many more.

Branded Dental Products for Your Next Campaign

Promotional Dental gifts are quirky and niche products that when used can generate a lasting brand impression for your business, and will do a fantastic job of getting your practice noticed amongst the competition. Gifting a Travel Toothbrush or a Dental Floss Keyring for example will reinforce your patients loyalty with your business and persuade them into bringing family and friends to your practice thanks to your gesture. There are plenty of products to choose from such as our awesome Tube Squeezer and the practical Hand Sanitiser Gels, and many many more!