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Customised Printed Hand Sanitisers

If you have ever gone to wash your hands after using the restroom and realised that the restroom was out of hand soap, you will love one of our most popular products. We are proud to supply printed hand sanitisers for your enjoyment! We carry a full line of printed hand sanitisers that can be fully customised for whatever your occasion is.

Promotional Hand Sanitisers

The spread of germs and diseases is becoming an epidemic around the globe. One of the leading causes of sickness is germs being spread through human contact. Once of the most basic physical human contacts is the handshake or embrace. There is no way to require everyone to keep their hands germ free at all times, but if you carry a hand sanitiser dispenser you can ensure that your hands will be safe and free from germs. Simply dispense a small amount of hand sanitiser onto your palm before and after each greeting or at regular intervals throughout the day, and you will be protected from the spread of germs and bacteria.

Personal hand sanitisers are also a wonderful item to keep on hand if you have children. We all know that children love to get dirty and germs are the last thing on their minds. By keeping a hand sanitiser close at hand you can ensure that even though they may be messy, they will at least be germ free!

One of the unique features about our hand sanitisers is that they are able to be customised. We carry a full line of protective sleeves and dispensers that you can choose from. Once you have chosen the sleeve or dispenser you can then decide how you would live it printed. We have a simple online preview feature that will allow you to upload you unique design and test out various images, logos or text on the printed hand sanitiser sleeve.

Our hand sanitiser dispensers are also all able to be re-filled. This will save you from costly purchases that can be easily avoided by buying hand sanitiser in bulk. Our printed hand sanitisers are a perfect for for any health conscience person. They make a great gift for a friend, or family member with children. They also make a great promotional item as millions of people around the world buy hand sanitisers on a daily basis. By providing an item at no cost that someone would buy anyway, you are ensuring that they will remember your contribution!


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