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ALERT: Reseller System Temporary Suspension

Please note the current reseller program is now closed for new sites. All edits to current sites suspended as we are moving to a new system shortly!

Earn Money with Our Free Reseller Program

Welcome to the www.merchandise.co.uk reseller programme. Originally setup in 2012 our reseller programme has been highly popular with companies throughout the UK and also overseas companies wishing to take the first step in establishing their businesses in the UK.

2015 has seen a full rebuild of www.merchandise.co.uk and we have moved all reseller websites onto the domain www.productportal.co.uk

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The new product portal websites offer a lot more customisation and also allow resellers to use their own custom domain. Please see below for some features.

Settings and Setup

Stationery Screen Shots

Website Screen Shots

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is the reseller program designed for?

Merchandise Ltd deals with numerous design agencies, PR companies and print management firms. As well as these types of companies, our reseller program is great for those wanting to start out on their own in promotional merchandise distribution but don't have the resources to do everything on their own.

Can I have my own branded website?

Yes these are now ready to go.

The websites are by default hosted on the domain name www.productportal.co.uk

This means that your domain will be like so: company.productportal.co.uk

You can choose any sub domain that you wish to use, as long as no other reseller has chosen it already.

Can I use my own Domain Name?

Yes. The new 2015 reseller websites allow you to have a custom URL.

All you need to do is point the DNS to this IP address as an A record and then fill in the custom domain line in the reseller control panel.

What parts of the system are personalised?

Activate your reseller features now and get all these branded with your company logos and details.

  • Quotes
  • Sales Orders
  • Artwork Proofs
  • Invoices
  • Website

What settings can I change?

The following settings can be adjusted in your account page.
  • Profit Margins
  • Colour Schemes
  • Header and Footer Images
  • Company Details
  • Payment Information
  • Product Descriptions
  • Category Descriptions

What does it cost?

Nothing! Our reseller is 100% free to use. All we ask is that you place your orders with us!

Is there a discount for resellers?

You are welcome to use the reseller system at our standard pricing for free. We do however offer discount coupons that are usable by anyone at your company on all orders.

  1. 5% Discount Coupon valid for 12 Months is £600 + VAT
  2. 10% Discount Coupon valid for 12 Months is £1200 + VAT
  3. 15% Discount Coupon valid for 12 months is £2400 + VAT

Please note that quotes will not already have the discount applied, this will need to be applied when your order is placed.

  • Discount coupons are not visible on your reseller documents or website.
  • Reseller coupons are only available to companies that are selling goods on.
  • All coupon packages must have been purchased 30 days before an order is placed to be valid for that order.

Is the system available to other promotional products distributors?

In short, yes. Quoting, proofing and invoicing clients can be both a time consuming and costly exercise. We facilitate this process by using our unique order system to great effect.
We have several highly experienced inhouse designers that will turn your artwork proofs round in quick time and to a high standard. All with your logos and branding of course.
Let us deal with your admin so you can deal with making sales.

Is this reseller program unique to Merchandise Ltd?

No other promotional products distributor in the world offers this service with this level of support for resellers.

Does Merchandise Ltd see enquiries that come through my branded website?

When you get an enquiry through your reseller website an enquiry will be posted to our system via your account and will automatically be queued for quotation to you. One of our sales people will email your quote across to you.
The only information that is passed to the Merchandise Ltd sales team is the product details and the reseller whom needs the quote.
You can see a list of your current enquiries on your account page under the enquiries tab.

Is there any PayPal Integration?

Yes. If you enter your paypal email address on your reseller setup page your sales orders, and non paid invoices will have a link on them, that your customer can click to pay your invoice by paypal.
The link will have the value of the invoice already filled in.
If you don't want to accept paypal payments, then do not add your paypal email to the reseller setup page.

How do I activate my reseller features?

Just access your account page and click on the reseller section to activate your reseller features.

Can you see the margins that I set on my resellers account page?

Of course, we can see everything. But we are all in business to make money. You can set your margins to whatever you want.

Can you configure my resellers account for me?

Sure! Just send your logos in EPS vector format to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. we will then setup your resellers account and run through a demo order so you can see each stage of the process.

Do I qualify for a resellers account?

If you reguarly resell promotional gifts to other companies then you qualify for a resellers account. We do however reserve the right to deactivate any resellers account at any time for any reason.

What if I don't want the reseller features?

Reseller features are turned off by default. We may asses you as a company and if it's clear you are selling onto a client we may setup your account to show it to you. If you do not wish to have the reseller features on, then just navigate to your account page and deactivate them in the resellers section.