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Branded Carmel Pedometers

carmel-pedometersThis month, we’ll be looking at our Carmel Pedometers for our Product in Depth. A brilliantly cheap and colourful printed product that has remained at the top of our bestsellers list, month after month.

When it comes to promotional merchandise, the key to recipients keeping ahold of their gift and remembering your company is whether the item is useful to them… Well just about anyone can find a pedometer useful! And if our numbers are anything to show, companies are picking up these personalised gifts en masse!

Order or get a quote on our Carmel Pedometers today!

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What to do When it Comes to Business Gifts

As you progress with the growth of your company, you will eventually reach a point where the case of gift giving arises. Although business gift giving seems to sound like a great idea to gain ground and solidify client relationships, there can be plenty of issues and holes to fall down. There’s risks on both ends of the spectrum, from showing off too much, to looking far too frugal, or even (albeit rarely) causing offence to particular members of a company. So how can you tackle the many issues that befall your goodwill?


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Colours of the Month – April: April Showers

With the beautiful season of spring here, inevitably so do the April showers arrive! It wouldn’t be Spring after all without a spot of rain here or there, so we’re taking our colour of the month theme on the chin and bringing you the April showers edition.

April solidifies that spring really is here to stay, with our days being bright and clear all around. Of course, however, living in the UK we can’t escape the rain every now and then! Wash away any negativity, and bring a clear image and direction to your brand with our April colours of the month!


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Personalised Contour Standard Ballpens

contour-ballpen-mainFor our Product in Depth this month, we are showcasing by far one of our most popular promotional gifts around, the personalised Contour Standard Ballpen. An incredibly effective branding tool, printed pens have lasted the ages and still remain at the top of the field for promotional products as a whole.

When it comes to pens, due to their popularity there is always a huge amount to choose from however our Contour Standard Ballpen seems to be one of the top choices around, seeing thousands purchased every week!

Get a competitive quote on Contour Standard Ballpens

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The Benefits of Cloud Computing

In the most recent years cloud computing has become a booming factor for businesses across the world. Cloud computing in its simplest, is computing that is done across the internet. Instead of having a myriad of programs, files and servers in your own building to use, cloud computing grants you the leisure of having all these in one easy to use package that works through the web.


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What You Need to Know About Brand Identity

Are you looking to reinforce your brand, or maybe going through a rebrand? You could even just be toying with the idea of starting your own company. Knowing about your brand identity and how it affects everything else is one of the most vital assets to managing a successful company.

Now some may not typically think that your success relates just down to the name or logo you choose, but these can be heavily contributing factors when it comes ensuring people remember your company’s name over competitors. Brand identity is powerful and being able to reinforce that awareness is crucial.


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Colours of the Month – March: Blossom Your Brand This Spring

We’re back again with another instalment of our Colours of the Month! This time we’re taking on March with a Spring themed palette. With easter being just around the corner, it’s also a great time for a themed giveaway or event. The season has only just started, so it’s the perfect time to freshen up your brand with our fantastic spring colours of the month!.


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Tutorial: How To Make All Your Images Square In Photoshop

crop-icon_b15202ca18fdccd2ee55f4821681021bMany suppliers send their images out in all shapes and sizes. These can be hard to work with sometimes as websites and quote software can sometimes do strange things with long and wide images.

They are also all various file sizes and resolutions and generally have little consistency

Generally a website promotional product image will not need to be more than 500×500 pixels at a resolution of 72dpi.

There are various pieces of software that can resize your images on mass. None work with quite the same finesse as photoshop though.

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Below the Line Marketing: Tips for Small Businesses

So you’re getting your small business on it’s way and putting your foot in the door of marketing. You want to expand your services out a bit further but don’t know where to go?

Below the Line advertising (BTL) is a method of sales promotion that is a small duration campaign which focuses on an immediate or delayed incentive to purchase products/services. Differing from Above the Line marketing (ATL), which uses mass media advertising on conventional mediums, BTL is more focused on directly communicating your promotion to a more targeted audience to maximise response.

Typically, BTL is an inexpensive form of advertising and can really set you aside from competitors. Bringing a more personal and targeted form of advertising will be sure to see you succeed. So with that, lets take a look at some examples on where you can start using BTL advertising to work for you!


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