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Explore promotional seed packets and custom desktop garden gifts

Why Promotional Desk Gardens And Custom Seeds Are A Big Hit For 2023

Eco-friendly merchandise is a growing trend that reflects a shift towards more environmentally conscious practices in the business world. It has become increasingly important for businesses to go green as the impact of climate change is more evident than ever before, and companies are aware of their role in helping to lessen the damage.

Sustainable promotional products, or eco merch, are designed to be reused or recycled and are made from eco-friendly and ethically-sourced materials. This encourages a move away from harmful, single-use plastics and towards greener alternatives, such as organic cotton and bamboo.

By investing in these types of green merchandise printed items, companies can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and leave a positive lasting impression on their customers. 

With many types of sustainable merchandise gifts to choose from, it can be challenging to settle on one that best suits your business needs and aligns with your brand. Promotional desk gardens and custom seeds are brilliant choices for several reasons.

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Which promotional seeds and custom desk gardens are currently best sellers?

With many types of sustainable merchandise gifts to choose from, it can be challenging to settle on one that best suits your business needs and aligns with your brand. Promotional desk gardens and custom seeds are brilliant choices for several reasons.

They are an easy way to attract the attention of passers-by at trade shows because they are unique and not as common as printed bags or promotional pens, so they will certainly help you stand out. Not to mention promotional seed packets are lightweight and easy to send out as a direct mail promotional product giving you a little more scope in terms of methods of distribution. There are even letterbox-friendly options, such as printed seed matchboxes.

Furthermore, they are a practical promotional items which your customers will see as something of value. When you offer useful promo products, such as custom seeds and printed desk gardens, they are less likely to be thrown away. This ensures that your investment is worth every penny and not discarded as waste within minutes.

Here are some popular examples from our desk garden and custom seed collection…

Promotional Seed Tubs and Desk Stands

Printed seed tubs and desk stands are beautiful home or work accessories for storing your plants, decorative items or stationery. With some customisation, you can create company branded merchandise that lives on the desk or shelves of your clients and customers.

This is hugely effective as a marketing method since it’s a promotional product that will be visible to them every day, providing them with a constant reminder of your business.

Promotional Memo Blocks with Seed Paper

This custom seed sticky note pack is made from grass paper that, after use, can be planted in soil and left to grow as wildflower meadow seeds. 

As a promotional product, they can be gifted as part of a set alongside an eco-friendly notebook and pen, for example, and distributed to new employees or loyal clients. They provide great value for volume gifting and events.

The Merchandise Ltd team is here to help you maximise your investment in promotional products.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team are here to help you make the best decision for your business regarding investing in promotional products, especially regarding sustainable merchandise gifts.

Whether you need some samples, merchandise idea generation, or quotations, we are on hand to ensure that you create custom promotional gifts that strengthen and elevate your brand.




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