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Explore our eco merchandise giveaways made from jute

Looking for sustainable promotional products, why not explore merchandise made out of jute?

Suppose you are looking to make a sustainable impression with your corporate merchandise. Whether that's promotional products for client giveaways, staff incentives or branded retail items, jute merchandise is a considered choice and the most popular of all eco merch. In a relatively short period, eco friendly branded merchandise has become the most sought after and in-demand of all products. Jute merchandise is incredibly durable, robust and attractive; items such as printed jute bags have become synonymous with all things environmental. With its raw and natural aesthetics, it's one of the most recognisable in its category. Many industry sectors are opting for more eco-friendly merchandise options for their corporate merchandise; choosing items such as sustainable printed bags as event giveaways delivers a positive insight into your business, brand, and culture, which is highly desirable. 

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 Why Promotional Jute shopping bag: 

Branded bags are still the most popular product on the market, and when it comes to eco merch, printed jute bags are the most favoured by a wide-ranging spectrum of industry types. The classic jute shopping bag makes excellent promotional products for exhibition giveaways and is ideal for food brands, supermarkets and alternative healthcare products focusing on the environment. Custom jute bags also offer the perfect printed merchandise for eco brands, used to promote, advertise and raise awareness about pressing environmental issues which are imperative to address, especially within our current climate. 

 Custom Printed Jute notebooks: 

Notebooks are another best seller across all printed merchandise, and sustainable promotional products such as printed jute notebooks are no exception. Corporate branded merchandise has evolved and adapted over the years. The need for more sustainable executive business gifts has never been greater; jute notebooks make impressive client gifts, great incentives, onboarding rewards, and attractive retail sellers. They offer an unrivalled ROI, benefiting from being a high perceived value product. 

Jute branded boxes: 

The great thing about sustainable promotional products is that they come in all shapes and sizes. Aside from the trendy shopping bags and notebooks, boxes and wine bags are also a go-to choice for a more eco-option. They make perfect promotional gift bags for branded merchandise, from retail, events, shop displays and seasonal gifts for wine, chocolates and beauty products. Due to jute's hardwearing but aesthetically pleasing nature makes them even more sustainable; when branded with your logo and details for all to see, eco-promotional merchandise offers an attractive investment, whatever the occasion. 

Learn more about jute?

With a global focus more than ever on the greater need for more eco friendly branded merchandise, jute has a critical role. Jute is a natural fibre extracted from the bark of the jute plant, which is a vegetable plant. It is the second most harvested fibre after cotton and is one of the strongest globally, perfect for printed merchandise such as bags and notebooks. The harvested fibres are from both the inner and outer stalk. As the jute is a natural plant, it's entirely sustainable, needing no or little intervention to replenish and are 100% naturally biodegradable, even enriching the earth as they degrade. 

Why speak to the Merchandise team about jute promotional products

Our team are experienced and knowledgeable, passionate, creative, and experts in everything eco-friendly. Our vast range of jute products is continually growing to meet the demands and expectations of our customers and, more importantly, our planet. We are always on hand to share ideas and discuss what's new and on-trend within our eco-friendly range.

We look forward to guiding you through an almost limitless collection of greener branded merchandise to ensure you get the attention you deserve whilst doing your bit for the environment. 



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