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Custom branded corporate gifts


custom printed gift boxes

Learn more about your options for promotional business gifts

One of the many attractive attributes of branded merchandise and promotional gifts is it has a wide-reaching appeal. With such a broad range on offer, from branded technology - right through to premium branded pens, there is always an appealing selection of corporate merchandise to cover all budgets. One of the most popular corporate gifts within the luxury promotional products category is branded luxury pens and promotional pen sets. Custom printed Parker pens remain one of the best sellers and one of the most in-demand of all personalised merchandise. They are ideal corporate business gifts and staff rewards. Practical, functional, and great for the desktop or to use at meetings. A custom engraved pen such as the Parker Jotter Steel Ballpen is a firm favourite for promotional business gifts, a highly sought after and affordable quality product; designed for the luxury market and presented in the Parker signature gift box. Investing in promotional merchandise for business gifts opens many avenues of exciting products that can enhance your reputation and set you aside from the rest. Branded desk accessories have always been a popular choice, especially for corporate gifting. There are many great ideas for branded promotional products, many of which can make excellent business gifts. Shenna office set is a superb desktop product, custom merchandise, cleverly designed to keep desks uncluttered and organised. A foldable tidy containing sticky notes, pen holder and page markers. These can make the ideal branded company gift set for both clients and staff. Much of the current corporate merchandise has evolved and adapted to meet our changing needs, with custom printed technology being a focal point for many popular business gifts. Set Dermop is a classic example of this; a branded luxury set that includes an engraved metal twist ballpen with leather trim and a metal and leather branded USB memory stick, presented in a black gift box. Exemplary custom merchandise, guaranteed to please both clients and staff.


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How your business will benefit from corporate merchandise

Corporate branded merchandise is as popular as ever; its relevance and strength to enhance client engagement are unparalleled. With such a wealth of promotional gifts available, suitable to all industries from finance, charities, education and government, there will always be affordable and relevant options for consideration. Within any business, its employees are the driving force behind its success. They are also inevitably responsible for its overall reputation, personalised merchandise for staff incentives is crucial to reward and acknowledge your team for their arduous work. To show appreciation to your key clients for their loyalty and continued business is also imperative. Investing in branded promotional products to give away is a simple but effective way to forge long term client relations. It may be a gift of branded chocolates to thank them for their support and business or branded technology such as promotional power banks or printed USB flash drives. Either way, actively gifting with purposeful and relevant products will propel your reputation further and cement the existing relationships you have worked hard to shape and nurture. Direct mail has always been a popular choice for targeting specific demographics, a successful way to reach your desired audience, where promotional merchandise also plays a pivotal role. Items such as custom logo pens, branded premium notebooks, custom keyrings, and custom technology gifts such as printed charger cables are ideal to direct mail as marketing gifts. With so much custom merchandise at your disposal, it allows you to match the most suitable giveaways to your campaign. Business gifts for new starters joining your team are always popular. They are a wonderful way to introduce new people and to make them feel welcome. Printed company notebooks, company printed pens, promotional desk gadgets, and gizmos are exciting ways to acquaint new members to a new company; positively and inclusively. Business gifts are also functional items for sales executives who spend much of their time on the road. There is a myriad of practical and functionally suited gifts like branded technology, custom printed Power banks, promotional wireless chargers and printed charging cables are the perfect way to keep your team and clients powered whilst on the go