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Explore our range of custom branded bone china mugs

How custom porcelain mugs are the ultimate company merchandise

Promotional mugs are not only one of the most sought-after retail branded merchandise uk, but they are also great branded company giveaways. Like many other branded products, promotional mugs offer an extensive range to choose from, with styles and designs to suit all budgets. In addition to the classic branded ceramic mugs such the Cambridge printed mug and Sparta. Many custom porcelain mugs deliver a more premium product compared to the standard, cheap branded mugs. Porcelain branded coffee mugs not only offer a more delicate and higher quality finish, but they also produce a higher perceived value than that of earthenware. Porcelain is an excellent choice when gifting corporate coffee cups; to clients, prospects, staff and when looking to resell as retail branded merchandise uk.

The great thing about investing in promotional mugs is that they are versatile, have mass appeal to many industry sectors; charities, finance, retail and hospitality, to name but a few. Custom printed mugs are the ultimate promotional goods and why so many merchandise companies stock a comprehensive selection. They are the perfect desktop gift that will be seen and used daily, possessing unparalleled branding areas on most styles, ensuring your logo and company details stand out.

Like corporate mug printing for promotional giveaways, porcelain is highly favoured for the retail sector, covering a broad spectrum. Fundraising activities are crucial for charities to turnover revenue, and retail is imperative, whether online or in physical stores. Charities use a wide variety of branded products to sell for a profit, and porcelain branded coffee mugs are one of the most in-demand, making quality gift ideas that can be relevant for any occasion. Due to the almost limitless range of styles, shapes and colours, personalised bone china mugs uk not only make ideal corporate gifts but welcomed gifts for staff, whether that's recognition for a job well done or employee incentives. There are also some unique shapes on offer, such as the Topaz. An elegant and classic mug with a distinctive handle that certainly catches the eye. Mugs combined with other promotional goods such as promotional notebooks, branded pens and custom coasters, offer something a little extra special, tempting when looking to impress your most valued clients

Learn more about the shapes of our porcelain bone china promotional mugs

Promotional porcelain mugs, like ceramic, offer an impressive selection of styles and shapes which will suit many individual tastes. Many promotional merchandise companies supply a wide range of mug options, allowing them to reach a large audience that encompasses all industry types for both retail and promotional purposes. When considering merchandise mugs, the shape is a form of expression, possessing a unique personality and character that will match the mindset of a company and its brand ethos.

Promotional mug styles such as the Tulip and the Windsor convey a gentle but classical elegant feel, with smooth edges and soft curves. The Topaz, 200ml and 250ml Porcelain mugs deliver a more angular finish. The unmistakable handles that project outwards will grab the attention and will be visible from a distance. Along with their generous branding areas, porcelain and bone china are exquisite mug options, for consideration for any event, corporate or retail. 


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