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Promotional merchandise ideas for NHS & Healthcare

How can our promotional healthcare merchandise educate your audience? 

Public services across the UK invest significantly in branded products, with healthcare being one of the most prominent. Promotional health products are pivotal in conveying critical messages daily to the general public and its staff, ask any promotional product supplier, and they will agree. Healthcare organisations like the NHS must target crucial information in any way possible, from announcing seasonal viruses or healthcare campaigns such as healthy eating and educating people on the benefits of exercise. Investing in affordable but relevant printed health products such as printed stress hearts,  promotional pedometers, and custom digital thermometers offers a direct and impactful route to ensure those important messages and information reach the right people at the right time. Other popular promotional merchandise for NHS are printed plastic keyrings, promotional pens, custom badges, promotional sports bottles, and custom well-being products, to name a few!

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Promotional healthcare products can help with recruitment.

Across the NHS and healthcare, recruitment and employee retention have never been so imperative. The healthcare industry invests in branded giveaways to help raise awareness about the opportunities and benefits of working within the sector. Throughout the year, there will be many events and recruitment fairs in various venues where branded products will be everpresent to attract and create interest in healthcare. Popular items such as promotional pill boxes, printed sticky notes, printed plastic pens, promotional notebooks, printed mugs and promotional syringe ballpens are some of the many branded products that will ensure you grab the right people's attention for the job! Other popular promo items for healthcare settings are printed antibacterial products, relevant, affordable and practical. Branded healthcare merchandise is a great way to relay key facts and essential information about the sector and its critical work, making it appealing and accessible to people from all backgrounds. 

How custom printed health items can be relevant to the audience. 

There are many branded healthcare products carefully designed and selected for the healthcare sector, practical products that are great for promotional products and items with purpose and functionality. Products such as pedometers are ideal for those who wish or need to increase exercise, benefitting from weight loss and heart-related issues. Elderly and vulnerable people might find digital thermometers and compression socks useful, especially in the winter. Promotional pill boxes are handy for all people taking medication, especially those taking various daily pills or travelling for work or pleasure. They offer a great way to advertise a service, products and information, but they also play a crucial role in ensuring people get the correct medication when they need it most. 

Please speak to the Merchandise Ltd team. We are full of great merchandise ideas for the healthcare sector.

Our professional and friendly team offers the most relevant and trending healthcare-related products available. They are always on hand and ready to assist with all your promotional product enquiries, whatever the budget or purpose. They will guide you through our range of best sellers, ensuring you receive the most relevant branded product solutions on time and within budget. 


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