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Branded Trolley Cases

People travel for all kinds of reasons. For instance, they might often take business trips or have relatives who live in another province. Otherwise, they perhaps just are on a personal holiday. All of these scenarios might be situations that call for new branded trolley cases.

Branded trolley cases offer your target audience quality while they retain information about your company. What is more, these travel suitcases are likely to last for several years. Therefore, these promotional bags should award you endless opportunities for advertising exposure. Unlike paper literature, your personalised trolley bags will be repeatedly seen by crowds of people.

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Printed Trolley Cases from Merchandise Ltd

Places you might see the type of trolley bags we would create for you include at airports or bus and train stations. People also usually have them carried two and from taxis to a hotel or perhaps will walk with them through city centres at each new destination. They also are sometimes used at trade show booths or on a job site as a means of carrying tools and supplies where people will notice your company logo.

Branded trolley cases benefit companies representing a variety of industries and the customers who receive them. For instance, you can offer your personalised travel cases with a vehicle rental. Otherwise, you can send them as a free gift with a minimum online retail order. Any time you offer store credit, trolley cases also would make an excellent gift. You also could present an elegantly designed case to your deserving employees who have reached a certain service milestone.

We provide a multitude of styles, sizes and shapes of branded trolley cases. Most of them have an adjustable handle and ride on four wheels. You also might notice some folded ones and others made just for laptops. In addition, you might see in our stock some oversized cases on wheels perfect for compact travel storage.

If you need assistance deciding what branded travels would be best for your marketing campaign, contact us. Otherwise, we welcome you to upload any logo or marketing design ideas you have to our site as you place your online order.

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