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Branded Duffel Bags

Are you stumped as to what kind of promotional item to hand out to your customers? You may have hit on the perfect pretext for doing so. Maybe you've chosen a specific day to hand out free promotional items to everyone who orders from your web store. Or perhaps you're handing out a round of promotional giveaway items to everyone who joins your mailing list during the month of May. Whatever the occasion may be, once you settle on it, you now have the task of choosing the perfect promotional item to hand out. There is one item in particular that you would do well to consider. 

Personalised Duffle Bags

Have you considered handing out a series of free printed duffel bags? These bags are the perfect low-cost item to manufacture in bulk for such a campaign. Your customers will be glad to get such an item as a freebie with their regular order. They can use these printed duffel bags to store all manner of personal items. The bags themselves are easy to create to order in a hurry. Best of all, making up a few hundred or a thousand of them won't put a crimp in your budget. 

Personalized items are a definite hit with the public. You can make up a few of them to give away to selected customers who have been extra faithful to you over the years. The recipients of these personalized duffel bags will be more than happy to get them. Adding extra value to an order always gets a positive response. And if you go the extra mile to personalize their duffel bag, they will appreciate you all the more. It's a satisfying gesture that will increase the loyalty that they feel toward your business as customers. 

Of course, there is also an ulterior motive involved in handing out these free promo duffel bags. The trick is to have them all specially branded with your personal logo and website URL. This way, every time someone uses one of the bags, they will get an instant reminder of just where they got it from. If they hand it off to a family member or friend, they too will take notice of your logo. Everywhere the item goes, it will continue to give you a lifetime of free and instant publicity. It's the ultimate advertising coup.

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