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Printed First Aid Kits

These days, relatively few of us own a first aid kit with all the needed accessories. In fact, a number of online retailers now on the market sell first aid kits and these kits, while deemed "safe" and effective for use, contain recycled and cheap quality ingredients in them that might cause potential undesirable health consequences such as fungal infections. In many occasions, neither the online product descriptions nor the mandated warning labels ever disclose the place where that particular item was manufactured. There are over thousand medical articles detailing the dangers of using such products.

Personalised First Aid Kits from Merchandise Ltd

Being the leader in personalised printed items and accessories, we offer a large assortment of personalised first aid kits for medical emergencies and treatments. The catalogs and options helps guide through the process of choosing the right first aid kit as well as how to make the purchase. While you may desire a specific product to be included, the product can be made available to you by our customer service working around the clock.

We want to help you make the best choice for your particular needs. As the life saving measures have advanced, so as the contents of the first aid kits. While the first aid basic kits generally contain a set of medicines (over the counter medications like aspirin), soap, wipes or sanitising pads, hypoallergenic adhesive tapes and bandages, within our advanced first aid kits and supplies you will also find the right device for burn care, eye care, blood borne pathogens, CPR and AED equipments, antiseptic cream, powder and ointments, disaster preparedness and survival products, pain relief tablets or gel, trauma products, search tools, rescue tools, protective gloves, exam gloves, safety glasses, ear protection, scissors, tweezers, full body protection, thermometer, storage containers, respirators and face masks and much more. For one thing, each kit is unique, depending on the size, content, anticipated risk of infection and price, tailored to one's requirements to help during minor or major injuries. All kits are well designed to keep the contents safe and aseptic.

If you can use the computer and access our website, you can browse through catalogs and shop online easily and conveniently in the comfort of your own homes. As our website makes very clear, these first aid kits are of highest quality and we want our customers to be completely satisfied. If there is failure in that respect we will promptly replace the item or refund the money at your discretion.

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