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Promotional Branded Speakers

To impress your target audience, you will want to keep up with technology. For instance, we offer a supply of promotional speakers that can be used just about anywhere by anyone.

Many of the portable speakers we have in our product listings are Bluetooth enabled for wireless listening. Some models are also foldable for easy storage during transport, and others are mono instead of stereo. We also provide a range of speaker shapes including a variety of cubed, oblong or sphere speakers.

Personalised Speakers from Merchandise Ltd

Additional features of the promotional speakers you see in our catalogue also have a radio, alarm clock or LED light. Others have an amplifier, and some models even have a microphone to use along with a call answering function. Many of them also have a USB charging port and cable. Pending availability, each one of these electronic items are easily customisable with any combination of graphics and text.

One common way to use our branded speakers is to have your business logo, slogan or other messages and images that coordinate with your company marketing literature. In addition, we also can provide new advertisement designs on your merchandise to use for new campaigns.

One of the benefits of branded speakers is the fact that they are useful for at least a few years, which results in unlimited advertising opportunities for your company. Furthermore, you can use these reusable items to target niche audiences of varying ages.

You can use this form of marketing with reusable merchandise as is, or you can use this advertising method in addition to paper literature. No matter what combination of promotional items you use, it all increases customer retention no matter to whom or where they are sent.

When you distribute your branded speakers to enough people in multiple locations, you can become a worldwide sensation. However, you might still have questions about how to use this kind of merchandise for marketing purposes.

If you still have questions, you can contact us for assistance with choosing the merchandise that would be appropriate for advertising your company, products or services. Otherwise, feel free to place your order now.

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